Academic Requirements

Master’s Pathway for NPTP Applicants

  • Applicants to the NPTP may already have completed a master’s programme or will be able to meet all the requirements a taught master’s at the end of the practicum year.  This facilitates NP registration at the end of the practicum year. 
  • This NPTP is the practicum year of the pathway (total of 60 credits) delivered over one academic year part-time. 
  • The final NPTP year of the master’s programme (60 credits) includes a minimum of two days per week of supervised advanced clinical practice over 10 months (500 hours of practice). The NPTP can be undertaken post Master’s. 
  • The NPTP is embedded within the master’s programmes approved by the Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) and the NCNZ for NP preparation. It is the final step of the NP pathway and the completion point is a Master of Nursing, Master of Advanced Nursing Practice, or Master of Nursing Science (depending on the university of choice) or a PG credential if post-Masters. 

Please contact your university of choice to obtain specific advice on pre-requisite courses. An overview of the pathway at each university is provided below.


Auckland University of Technology (AUT):
The University of Auckland:
Massey University
Massey University:
The University of Otago:

Victoria University of Wellington:

Victoria University of Wellington website

Waikato University:

Waikato University website

If you don’t meet the entry criteria for the NPTP, or are unsure if you do, and you are of Māori or Pacific descent or any other priority areas for improving equity in our communities, please still get in contact with us so we can discuss further options for your NP career pathway with you. Please contact one of our programme co-leaders – Sue Adams ( or Josephine Davis (

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