What is an NP

Nurse Practitioners|Mātanga tapuhi (NP) are highly skilled health practitioners with advanced education (a minimum of a Masters degree), clinical training and experience. They have demonstrated clinical competence and have the legal authority to practice as an independent healthcare provider.

They are registered as a NP with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) in the NP scope of practice, beyond the scope of a Registered Nurse. They assess, diagnose and treat health problems for common and complex health conditions. This includes requesting and interpreting diagnostic testing, prescribing medications and other medical devices/treatments and referral to specialist care. They may admit and discharge from hospital and other healthcare settings. They also integrate their holistic nursing approach that addresses the wider context of health, including person, family/whānau, and population health.

Nurse Practitioners practice in many contexts and are credentialed in New Zealand and internationally. More about the history of NPs internationally can be found here.

Watch a video about Ebson Abraham’s experience as a Nurse Practitioner in Primary Healthcare

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