Information for Employers

It is vital that the employer of a nurse who is applying for the NPTP is aware of the commitment the programme requires. There is funding available to support this – please see the link at the bottom of this page.

Employers will commit to the following:

  • Allow a minimum of 500 hours (16 hours per week) clinical release time from regular work responsibilities to undertake advanced clinical practice, plus attendance at university study days (approximately 12 per year). They will receive their current salary while completing the supernumerary hours (the NPTP funding provides a contribution to support this).
  • Included in the 500 hours is the minimum 80-hour secondary placement.
  • Each student will have identified a clinical supervisor (senior NP or senior doctor) who is willing to mentor the attainment of the advanced skills and competencies required for NP practice.
  • At least one of the clinical supervisors (primary or secondary placement) must be an NP.
  • A student will not be considered for the NPTP unless they have a letter of support from their employer stating that they will employ the student as an NP on registration (minimum of 0.6 FTE). Within the same agreement, the employer will need to confirm clinical release time, clinical supervisor availability and attendance at study days.




The NPTP contributes funding to facilitate release time for supernumerary learning and study day attendance, and acknowledge the clinical supervisor’s time commitment to mentoring.


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