What is an Enrolled Nurse?

Enrolled nurses work in teams under the direction of registered nurses. They provide health care and education in home, community, residential and hospital settings. As regulated health practitioners, enrolled nurses are required to comply with professional standards and codes of practice.

The enrolled nurse scope of practice means they can:

  • contribute to nursing assessments and planning care for patients and whānau
  • provide nursing care to individuals and groups using a wide range of health interventions across many settings, including in health centres, clinics, and in the community
  • follow-up and evaluate the outcomes of care, supporting patients and whānau to navigate healthcare systems
  • coordinate teams of health care assistants under the supervision of a registered nurse
  • undertake other nursing responsibilities ( such as monitoring changes to patient conditions, administering medicines and vaccinations, cervical screening, nursing management of people living with long-term conditions, health education, wound management and assisting patients with daily activities).

Watch a video about Melissa Peterson’s experience as an Enrolled Nurse in Primary Healthcare